I have a dream. It's the dream to master Business Management like Musashi Miyamoto, who are praised the unrivalled legendary swordsman and wrote The Book of Five Rings. Along with Kibow's expansion and growth of becoming a great company, I wish I can polish my management skills to the high stage of "the art of management". As former 49ers famous QB Joe Montana was called Montana Magic and Italian precious footballer Roberto Baggio was called fantasista, I strongly wish myself to become a person who can run across the business world freely, and attract everyone with my gorgeous play. In order to reach the goal, the challenges that Kibow takes must be innovative and make a fundamental change of human's lifestyle. If not, there's no meaning in establishing this company. We want to keep on seeking flawless management with strong will and aspirations as an epoch maker. In an effort to be the legendary extreme entrepreneur. ーPanja NAOE



Founder & CEO  Panja NAOE

Panja NAOE was born in a shanty town in Taiwan and moved to Japan later. During his youth he has never forgot his Chinese heritage. After his step father's company went bankrupt, his entire family was broken apart. This gave him a profound sense of impermanence. In 2003, the death of his close friend in childhood led to his doubt about the mortician at the time. To reform the traditional funeral service so that true happiness and peace can be brought to the deceased and the remains, Sanctuary Inc. was established. In only three years it had expanded to over 30 million USD in annual sales. However, due to conflict, confusion and the quest for philosophy and true peace of the mind, he sold his company and went into retirement as "Human rest". After five years of “mind cultivation”, he decided to start an adventure to become "Bookie King" of the world. 

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